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Hello! ^^

I am absolutely new here, nice to meet you! I'm very new to lolita, so I don't have any brand items yet, but I am going to save up money for some. This is kind of hard though...I'm too young to get a job...I'm going to try babysitting and what not. It's hard when you're just starting out, isn't it? Trying to get comfortable in the style and all that. SO, I have a question for all of you that have been lolita longer than me: What was it like in the beginning? Were you scared that perhaps you were wearing something wrong? Was it near impossible to be one because of money or something else? Did someone call you an ita?! I would like to know, I'm sure I will make some mistakes in my beginning too ^^

And since I'm new, may I have some tips for the fashion please? I would love to hear advice from someone >w<// So I don't end up looking like an ita instead of a sweet lolita! Thank you, and again nice to meet you!!
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