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Notice to Canadian buyers/sellers

Hello all -
EDIT: My bad, Canada Post is actually NOT on strike yet; this is a notice of intent. If negotiations fail, they will strike at the end of this week. I'll keep this post updated.

FYI for anyone on EGL who are Canadian or in business transactions with a Canadian lolita:

Canada Post has declared intent to strike as of today.

Should the strike occur, please expect delays in your post delivery to and from Canada; currently there's no indication how long this will go on for, but they've had 2 failed negotiations already in just one week. Canada Post was already a not very efficient system to begin with, so even a minimal 2-day strike can put a SEVERE damper on delivery times as this is a huge national organisation that would have to 'catch up' on all their backlog. Depending on how things go during the strike and how quickly the post workers get back to their duties, delays can be anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks.

In the mean time, Canada Post has claimed they will endeavour to protect all mail and parcels currently in the Canadian mailstream, and I expect that goes the same for post delivered to Canada during the strike (which is likely stored somewhere until they get to it).

Should the strike occur, do account for this situation and do not unduly harass your Canadian sellers about late parcels; additionally, Canadian lolitas, it's probably best to not purchase anything via online for time-sensitive events like conventions. If you ARE purchasing at this time, PLEASE practice common sense and get tracking/insurance to keep your items safe.
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