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Help with choosing shoes ♥

Being an expensive style -especially if like me, and cannot sew to save your life and have a ridiculous attraction to brand labels- it makes complete and utter sense for a Lolita wardrobe to consist of pieces which can be used in many different coordinates and combinations. Picking out a blouse which goes with a few of your jumperskirts is obviously a better idea than choosing a kuro lace encrusted blouse to pair with a dainty little shiro number -unless of course you can pull that off, you gutsy person you!-. And so, I cannot help but think that during the early days of building a Lolita wardrobe it is vital to take care when choosing your pieces to ensure their maximum potential.
But being as I am, which is problematic and consistently difficult, I'm constantly torn between the effortlessly elegant aristocratic looks of IW and the tooth-decay-inducing, sugary sweet candyland-esque prints of AP and BTSSB. You may say it is possible to some how mix these styles... but I can't help but want to keep them separate. I am difficult like that, you see. ♥

So, my question is thus...~ would you lovely ladies please be so kind as to give me a little advice on a couple of pairs of shoes? I'm looking to ensure maximum wear-ability (new word there?) from them, so I need them to be quite universal. x'D

My current dresses are mostly light pinks, with a few kuro OPs thrown in. I'm also waiting for a black Sugary Carnival AP JSK replica as well as a black/dark blue Ashley Embroided IW JSK. Oh, and I also have some dark brown AP replica Tea Party shoes on the way.
Now, I am interested in getting some RHS, but I cannot decide on the colour. I plan in the future to get some prints reminiscent of AP's Vanilla-Chan OP in mint/white, which would cause me to purchase some RHS in either pink or light blue... but then I cannot wear them with any of my IW.

So, basically... I plan to ultimately have a foundation of about 5 pairs of shoes, including a pair of RHS (or two, if I get along with them) and the brown tea party shoes I have ordered, what kind of combination do you think I should go with?

I'm sorry if that was really long winded... I ramble... rather a lot.

Thank you!

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