iomoo (iomoo) wrote in egl,

anyone going to fanime tomorrow? (5/30)

hey everyone! sorry if this is considered a noob post :/
i'm really nervous because tomorrow i'm going to fanime for the first time by myself. i'll sort of be with one of my friends but eventually she's going to go off to see anime things while i shop and look at lolita things XD
i've gone to fanime in 2008 and 2009 as well as AX last year, but i always went with a friend and now i'm not and i'm sort of scared/nervous!
will there be many lolitas tomorrow? sorry for this last minute post! i'm just afraid of feeling out of place--i have bad enough self esteem already, so i hope that other lolitas will at least be there to comfort a young loli like me! [15 ;o;] >_<
i'm not the annoying 15 you might think i am. it'd be cool to hang out for even a few minutes i guess XD

thanks! D:
sara // iomoo
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