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Live Fast Die Pretty

♥ 2nd Annual Midwest Lolita Meet & Greet ♥

Pulpit rock

When: Saturday August 13 2011
( based on the average temperature for the date the temperature is 63-82)
Time: 2 PM to ? Please get to the meeting spot no later then 1:30
Where: Millennium Park, Chicago, IL
Meeting Spot: Cloud Gate (the bean), the side facing the band shell

I hope it will be cooler then last year.

We will have potluck picnic and fun activities.

When you RSVP please say what you are bringing to the picnic and suggestions for activities/Games that you would like to play.

This meet up is a good place to meet other Midwest Lolitas, so you can feel more comfortable coming to future meet ups, such as our Tea Parties, Crafternoons, Picnics, Zoo Meet ups, Photo shoots...etc. The Annual Midwest Lolita Meet & Greet is a good way to meet Lolitas from all over the Midwest.

What to bring:

1. a blanket
2. Your favorite picnic food to share with everyone
3. Your camera
4. Sun Block
5. a parasol (optional)

What to expect:

1. To meet the Midwest Lolita community
2. To have yummy food
3. To have a good time
4. To make new friends

For those dressing in Lolita Fashion, dress to the nines!

For more information and guest list


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