Hime (mrs_gackt_camui) wrote in egl,

SOLVED user: geo_eyecandy selling fake lenses?

Hi everyone,

Firstly I decided to post this here as I thought it would be better here than the sales comm.

I just got my package of geo lenses from
[info]geo_eyecandy yesterday that I had ordered from her sales post. I just checked the authentication of the lenses this morning, to make sure they were real geo lenses and I was really surprised. Both codes on the bottles came back as fake. I made sure I was typing each code correctly but after trying each 3 times I kept getting the same fake notification.

I just sent
[info]geo_eyecandy a PM asking about the lenses *and possibly a refund*, but I figured I would ask other users here as well. Has anyone else received their lenses and found the same thing? Or is it maybe just a fluke that my code doesn't work.

Thanks to some help, I figured out it was nothing more than a simple mistake on my end *I still have one saying its fake, but one saying its authentic!* I figured rather be safe than sorry, since this is our eyes we are talking about here.

Thanks everyone!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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