Validee (griffith) wrote in egl,

Shoe sizing question

I have a 7 US shoe size and normally I wear a M in BtSSB/AatP and secret shop shoes, although they are a bit on the snug side.  However, my experience with their size L is that they're too loose.  I recently had a pair of the odette toe shoes in size L and my heel came all the way out of them as I walked.  However, I also had a pair of the tiara brocade heels in size M that were way too tight.  I'm not sure if it's because their sizing has changed over the years or if it was because the toebox was narrow/pointed. 

I want to order a pair of these shoes from the website and I'm guessing Baby doesn't have a shoe exchange policy like IW, so I want to be extra careful to get the correct size since I imagine I wouldn't be able to get nearly the same price back if I try selling them on comm sales.  All my other shoes have rounded toes, so I'm a bit uncertain about the sizing on these.

Does anybody have a good idea on Baby's shoe sizing when it comes to the pointer models?  Since I'm on the larger side of M, would it be better to go with L in this case? 

Thanks to anybody that has any advice.  
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