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Chibi_Tenshi Shopping Service

Hi everyone.  I wanted to make a little post to make sure everyone knows that my shopping service is reopen and fully functioning again.  I posted on my service page, but I noticed a comment the other day somewhere on EGL, I believe, where someone was unsure if  I had remained in Sendai or was still running my service based here after the earthquake.  I wanted to let everyone know that I never left Japan and my service has been re-opened for a little over a month.

It is true there were several weeks where everything came to a halt, but central Sendai City (away from the coast) is doing quite well and the post office, store hours and shipments, and public transport are all back to normal.  Please don't be afraid to contact me!   Everyone here is still concerned for the coast, and lots of effort is going into clean up and energy conservation, but the city is fine.  There are so many public service announcements on TV I can sing the little jingles that go with them....

Thanks to everyone that contacted me after the disaster and that have used my service before and since.  I hope to keep it running for some time still!
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