Alexandria (loveless_xxx) wrote in egl,

How do you feel in Lolita?

I used to wear Lolita because it made me feel special, I liked dressing up to my absolute best and I felt great doing it. I loved doing my hair and make up, donning the dresses, socks and blouses, but now I feel defeated by the end of the process. Once I look in the mirror, my mood dies; I just don't feel beautiful in it anymore.

I feel obese, literally. And I swear I look it too.
I get all fidgety, it begins to feel too tight, I worry if people can see fat rolls and my double chin.
I just can't wear it anymore. As soon as I take it off, I feel small again.

I don't understand why I feel so different now, I used to feel so comfortable, and now all I see is fat when I'm in Lolita.
Has anyone else been through the same?
What can I do?

inb4 lose weight fatty.


Thank you everyone for the comments, Especially about changing my style, I've never tried a skirt and blouse/cutsew coord, but I'm definetly going to give it a try.
I think my best bet at the moment is to take a break for awhile and do some exercise so I feel better about my appearence before I jump back into it all :)
Tags: discussion: size in lolita
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