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Innocent World News

I'm on IW's email list for their mail magazine and it had some interesting info so I'm sharing it with egl!

This Friday, they will be starting reserves for the OP (Elise Rose Series) featured in the July issue of KERA and releasing an unusual colorway for IW, ~lilac~  *o* tsu_  recently uploaded some scans which include the Elise Rose OP (the blue one).

Also, the super popular Antique Book Bag is going to be rereleased and now in Cafe au Lait x Chocolat as well! Looking forward to seeing what that looks like.

And a novelty fair begins Friday too - if you spend more than ¥21,000, you can get an original print ribbon straw hat as a gift. Details are here:

Also for anyone who happens to be in Japan in the Kobe area on Sunday (May 29), the KERA Snap people and lolita model Midori will be coming to the Sannomiya Vivre mall where the Kobe KERA shop is. IW will be offering a special lucky pack set that day that includes a dress, headwear, socks, and bolero for ¥15,750. In Japanese:
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