thetelegothika (thetelegothika) wrote in egl,

MCM Expo....will there be any meets?

Hello there...again :-p

Just wondering if there are any meets at MCM this weekend? I can't find anything on the MCM Fringe listing, nothing definite on LJ or anything else. Are there any meets or activities?

Whoever is thinking of coming anyway, feel free to post if your going to be there, what time you may be there & where if you like.
It would be great to interview & gather clips at MCM, as well as generally discuss all things Lolita (inc. Aristocrat & Ouji)  with the Lolitas who are already involved in my current videos. So if your going & would like to be interviewed, or simply want your co-ord captured on HD video, just let me know.

I filmed on Sunday at Covent Garden & have put together a little edit of some of the footage captured during a production meeting, if anyone wants to see. 

Ciao for now.

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