Nanaberu (nanaberu) wrote in egl,

Bodyline troubleshooting

I had a very funny experience with Bodyline in the past days... and I really don't know how to communicate with them. Looks like the English speaking stuff either doesn't want to understand my concern, or they just don't know what to do...

In either case, it's quite ridiculous :)

I wanted to buy a petticoat, a wig cap, and this wig:
in "Marron-Pink" colorway. I was really curious how this wig would look like, and since I love wigs for partying, I decided to give a try.

I put everything into my shopping cart, tried to check out, and got an internal server error. I thought maybe one of the items is not on stock, so I tried all of the separately - without the wig I could checkout and I was directed to Paypal, with the wig in my cart I get error messages again.
I checked the Japanese website, and the wig was in stock there, I could put it in my cart, etc.

So, I emailed bodyline, if the wig is on stock in this colorway. I got a very positive reply within a day:
Your order item are have stock.You can order wig047-pik-mrn
Have a nice day
Thank you"

I replied them, that with the wig I can't complete the purchase. They asked me for my order list, so I sent them the links of the wig cap and the petticoat. I got a reply within an hour:
Your order item is have stock.
Have a nice day
Thank you"

I was a bit annoyed at this point, and tried to explain in very simple words that when the wig is in my shopping cart, I can't check out and finish my order, and when I try to buy the wig separately, I get the same error message. I added that I asked some friends to try to buy the wig, and they get the same server error message as I did, so it's not my computer/internet connection, the error is in their shopping cart system.

And then I got the funniest reply ever:
You can cancel the wig ,then order item
Have a nice day
Thank you"

First I thought I misunderstood the email, and they are trying to tell me I should cancel the item, and repeat the process again. But no, they didn't change anything on the website, I still can't buy the wig. So Bodyline troubleshooting says, "if something is not working in the webshop, just don't buy it, even if we have it in stock."

I emailed them again, that I don't want to cancel the wig, if it's in stock, I'd like to buy it :) And still didn't get a response.

Any ideas? Did anyone purchase this two-toned wig before (or at least tried it)? Did you have problems like this with Bodyline's customer support before?

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