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Japanese Classic Lolita Blogs

Hey everyone,

I've been searching around a bit, old post and memories on here as well. Most link no longer work or the blogs are long abandons. I have been looking for new blogs to check out and I am having a hard time finding Japanese Classic Lolita blogs in particular. I have Nanako-san (colorblog) and she is my currently Lolita idol. I am looking for more to follow as I love following blogs and they are always so inspirational to me. I just can't seem to pull up the right searches to find more Japanese blogs bases around or with some Classic Lolita content. I've search with ロリタ but its really too broad and I am not sure if 古典的 would be correct for it as well.

So does anyone know of any other Japanese Classic Lolita blogs?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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