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Harry Potter Lolita!

Okay, I know this has been brought up before, but I'm looking for some specific help for ideas.

So the release date for the final HP movie is drawing nearer, and I've wanted to do Harry Potter themed lolitas for ages, so I'm going to try to whip some up for a friend of mine and I for our midnight release.

What I'm wanting to do isn't too complex. I'm going to make black caplets instead of robes, and line the inside with house colors like their robes are in the movies, and put a patch for the house crests on them as well. We're going to wear basic white lolita blouses, and I'm thinking of making black tiered skirts.

The things I'm struggling with are these: I'm not sure what I want to do in place of a tie. I don't want to wear regular sized ties for our outfits. I was considering the idea of those small, fat ties (sorry if this explanation doesn't make sense :/) with lace around the edge, but I've never been able to find striped fabric in any of the house colors. Is there a way I could take a regular tie apart and re-sew it like one of those? I've also seen a tutorial for tying a tie into a bow, but the tie used in that tutorial was very thin, and when I tried it with mine, it just looked lopsided. Any ideas for neck-wear?

I'm not sure what to wear on our legs, either. In the first film the wear grey socks, but we aren't going to be doing grey cardigans so it wouldn't match. In the later films they wear plain black tights, which I don't like either. I know on Sock Dreams they sell HP socks, but I have a pair, and I don't really like them for lolita.

For headwear, I have some vague ideas, but I'd like some input anyway. I would like to get a big ridiculous witch hat, and decorate it, but I'm not very crafty, so what do you guys think would be some cute loliable ways to decorate a witch hat in house colors? My friend isn't sure if she wants a big hat or not, so any cute ideas for HP inspired headwear of any other kind would be great c:

For reference if it helps, I'm a Gryiffindor, and my friend is a Hufflepuff.

Also, any other ideas or suggestions anybody might have is more than welcome c: If you think of something that would look better with my ideas, or think something I planned would not work, I would love any suggestions you guys have.

Thank you all so much <3
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