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The girl who tortured flies...

Fanime Lolita Events

As many know there is that hANGRY and ANGRY will be there with a fashion show  at Fanime. Other than that, I'm kinda heading the other two events that are known of currently.

The Picnic (which is a potluck... don't tell Fanime staff :P ) and the Panel.

Previous posts can be found for the events easily on ca_egl

The main thread for the picnic is located here

And for those who don't want to check Fanime Forums. 

Fanime is held at the San Jose convention Center in California. The Picnic is being Held on Sunday May 29th at 11:30 am. It is on the second level of the Convention Center on the Marriott side. You should be able to see us on the patio outside. We have it all to our selves this year :D

I would appreciate it if everyone tried to bring something to share, store bought or homemade. I shall try my best to bring some as well. We will have games and prizes for the winners as well as many a photo taken.

Fanime Staff will be coming to take a photo, if you wouldn't like to be in it I recommend you refrain from joining the group shots during the photo time.

Oh and THANKS SO MUCH for showing interest in this event! :D

And of course for your convenince, the previous posts on ca_egl:

Panel and Picnic post   1st post    2nd post


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