realityhelix (realityhelix) wrote in egl,

Running a Budget Lolita panel...

...and wondering what off brands are worth mentioning. In either context. As in "it is good to shop here because X." and "it is bad to shop here because X." Or even "You can shop here, but be careful, because sometimes X."

EDIT:  Thank you to the people who were willing to help me out here. When it comes to budget Lolita, the off brands were the thing I was less knowledgeable about. I know how to make, and how to alter, and I have a pretty good eye for picking out things that can be reconstructed (all things that will be going into the panel.) but I have been put off of off brands by horror stories, and thus, had much less information about them. And since I feel that I can't have too much information about this, all of your suggestions are valuable to me. (Even the ones questioning my ability to do this. It just means I have to study more.)
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