cocoa_sky (cocoa_sky) wrote in egl,

Art Post/Royal Lion Fabrics- EDITED

Okay so here are the first two fabric designs for the royal lion emblem I posted a while back.
With the red lion it was suggested I just leave the background white and I really like it that way so I did.
For the purpley-lavender one I did stripes with a dark chunk of border at the bottom.

Do these seem alright? Are they still too repetitive and bold or do you think they will come out acceptably?
Also, if you look at any size larger than a yard with the lavender there are some weird white lines that show up. They're not from the image itself, I triple checked. Has anyone had this happen before? Know a way to get rid of them or are they just an image glitch? Thanks lolis.

Edit: Realized I am somewhat color-off and that what I thought was purple is actually blue. I have put up a real purple below along with some editions.

Tags: media: design
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