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Update on the Lolita Photoshoot

Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=191905860856029

just doing a fun casual Lolita photoshoot which happens to help me out with my final photography project :) This will happen on MAY 27 AND MAY 28 too!

For the 27th we'll start off at Royal/T so we can get to know each other and take some candid photos at 1. Afterwards we can head over to the purikura booths in the culver city mall (I know that they have 2). After that I'll be going to the photo studio at UCLA where we'll take som...e glamor shots!
I originally wanted to take picture of you in your day to day clothes but since the Royal/T meeting is scheduled for 1 if ANYONE is available to come by the UCLA studio round 11: 30 in their day to day clothes and willing to change into their Lolita outfit I would be eternally grateful and would buy you a pastry at Royal/T if you can come. I will also reimburse you the amount for parking at UCLA. If you can only come to one or two things that's ok of course you can leave whenever you have to so don't feel obligated to go to everything although that would certainly be nice. I will stay late at the UCLA photo studio (until 10) if anyone wants to have their picture taken but can't make it until later. If you do want to come later in the day, if it isn't too much trouble come in your day to day clothes so I can document your transformation. There are restrooms and mirrors available for you to get ready in.

For May 28, I unfortunately can't get to the photostudio until much later in the day so I'm going suggest doing a repeat of May 27. Does anyone have any suggestions for perhaps something else? Perhaps we can just make it a purely purikura day and go to a cue studio perhaps? I know those are open until pretty late as well if that's convenient for more people!

Here's a detailed map on how to get to the UCLA shoot room
the photo studio will be on the fifth floor. I'll have signs up for you to follow. I'll message my phone number out two days before.

Here's an update!! of the photos I've taken so far...
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