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A few Anna House & Bodyline Questions

I've been browsing through the memories for reviews on these sellers. Some are fair and some are not so great. I've been planning on a huge haul of lolita as a treat to myself for graduating high school. What I wanted to know was::

Anna House Questions
Is the quality of Anna House okay? (On a scale of 1-10. 1 being costumey and 10 being best fabrics and construction possible overall)

Is there anything negative about placing large orders(20+ items)?(Such as missing items, questionable service, ect)

Are their site measurements exact or is there a little bit of error in them? What I mean by that is they say that 34in in the maximum but 28in ends up being the maximum when the item is received.

I saw that they allow custom sizing. Does it take nearly 2 months, like with Taobao custom sizing, to receive the package?

Will they allow you to split up a large order into multiple packages to avoid horrendous shipping costs?

Bodyline Questions

The only thing I really need to know about Bodyline is whether or not it is a hassle to place large orders?


n_n Any other information you guys have would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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