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Reminder: Animazement Calling Card Game- Next Weekend

Members of the EGL & Northcarolitas, I am posting this reminder for anyone interested in participating in the Lolita Calling Card Game to be held at Animazement next weekend, May 27-29.   Here are the particulars:

Event:  Animazement Lolita Calling Card Game
Location: Animazement, downtown Raleigh, North Carolina
Dates:Friday, May 27-Sunday, May 29

The Plan:  Anyone who wants to participate will need to have calling cards you have designed to introduce yourselves to our fellow loli's.  When you see someone who you think may be playing, inquire if they are playing, introduce yourself and give them one of your cards.  At the end we will total up who has the most cards and they will get a small prize. 

When we will total up:  One of the members of our local community (the Northcarolitas) is hosting the Lolita on a Budget panel on Sunday, May 29th at 1pm.  At the end of the panel anyone who has been playing the game will meet outside the panel room.  If the panel is in the same place as last year there is some open floor space where we shouldn't be in the way. 

Also:  There will be a Lolita Social on Friday evening from 8:00-9:00pm run by members of our local community so if you do want to play this could be a good time to gather up several cards. There are plans for games, Q&A, door prizes, and basically a good chance to socialize in our loli finest.  Unfortunately we are not allowed to bring in food or drink due to convention policies.

So:  if anyone would like to join in please PM or email me at (  your name and info about your card.  I have some submissions so far but I have extended the deadline for anyone else who may have missed the first post a while back.  I know I should have posted this sooner but working 2 jobs has swallowed me up lately.  Sorry about that. 

Come and play and maybe make a few new friends while we are at it. 

Thank you and see you at the con.

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