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Juliette et Justine re-releases


Recently I've been emailing Juliette et Justine and while exchanging emails, I asked if there was any chance that JetJ would re-release any of their old dresses. The reply I got back was that there was a chance if there is a very popular dress but they don't have any plans to re-release anything. So I thought that MAYBE if I did a survey of sorts on EGL, I could get some stats and send it off to Juliette et Justine and ask them to consider certain items. I'm not saying that sending this info will lead to re-releases, but I thought that it might get JetJ to really consider re-releasing their older releases.

If you are interested in re-releases of anything from JetJ, please comment with the following info!
1) Name of the item OR picture of the item you want. If you have both, please comment with them.
2) Colour you are interested in of whatever item you requested. COLOURS THAT WERE ALREADY AVAILABLE IS PREFERRED BUT IF YOU LIKE THE DESIGN BUT A DIFFERENT COLOURWAY, PLEASE STATE THAT CLEARLY. For example, if a pair of shoes that were released was only released in white but you wanted them in black, state that black was never available but you wish there was.
3) Size you want the item to be in. For dresses, skirts, and blouses, the sizes are: SIZE 1 (Bust 88 cm~92 cm / Waist: 62 cm~68 cm) OR SIZE 2 (Bust: 88 cm~98 cm / Waist: 64 cm~85 cm). Another option is CUSTOM SIZED (you send them your measurements and/or the measurements you want the dress to be). I only saw custom sizing available for skirts and dresses. Even if a custom size option didn't exist during the first release, you may state the it if you would like that option. If a size 2 option did not exist, then do not put down size 2 as something you would like.
4) Do you like the option of having a "preorder"? What this means is that anybody can order the items in a chosen time frame and JetJ will make as many dresses that were ordered. Things won't be sold out during this preorder time.
5) If re-releases happened, how often would you want them to happen? How many dresses per season?
6) Any other "suggestions" (E.g.: I wish more of their stuff had quarter shirring)

I'll try to keep track of what people want by editing this post whenever I can.

Onto the items!Collapse )
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