Bianca (curly_b) wrote in egl,

Bronx Zoo meetup tomorrow!


Are you guys excited?! Here are some important things everyone should take note of:

Time: 1pm promptly
Where: Bronx Zoo, Asia Gate

Tickets to the Bronx Zoo cost $16. Some of the exhibits cost a few dollars extra, like the monorail or Butterfly Garden. When it rains, the Monorail gets put on hold. The Childrens Zoo and Shuttle ride gets put on hold. If the rain persists, they close for the day. There's plenty to see without paying extra though.

You may want to bring money for food. There's food within the zoo, but it may be expensive. Luckily you are allowed to bring your own food into the zoo!

Don't forget to factor in transportation costs! Bring enough money for your subway or bus fare, or for parking if you are driving.

This is very important! There are scheduled service changes on the 2 and 5 trains to the Bronx.

For service to East Tremont Av, take the 2 to East 180 St and transfer to a Flatbush Av-bound 2 or Bowling Green-bound 5. For service from Tremont Ave, take the 2 or 5 to 149 St-Grand Concourse and transfer to a 241 St-bound 2.

On Saturday, the 5 train is only affected from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM. This may still disrupt some of your travels, so keep the schedule in mind: For service to East Tremont Av, take the 5 to East 180 St and transfer to a Flatbush Av-bound 2 or Bowling Green-bound 5. For service from East Tremont Av, take the 2 or 5 to 149 St-Grand Concourse and transfer to a Dyre Av-bound 5.

Here is a subway map:

And here is a link to all scheduled service changes for Saturday May 21st:
There's a lot of work being done, so please double check your planned route!

The weather forecast seems to be improving by the hour! :D Scattered rain is forecast only for the afternoon:
Please bring an umbrella or wear a raincoat! Remember also that it's been raining a lot, so the streets may still have puddles!

Did you remember the contest? Are you hoping to win a prize? Which do you think you will win: Most Ferocious, Most Adorable, or Most Unique? After we all meet at the front gate, feel free to ask everyone about their outfit! Once we've walked a bit and had a look at each others outfits, we'll take a little ballot, and the winners of each category will win a small prize :)

Contact info:
I will check this thread and my PM's at around 8:30AM before leaving for the meetup tomorrow. I can't guarantee that I will see a post after that time. So anyone who would like my cell phone number can comment saying so, or PM me, and I will PM it to you.

WHEW, I think that's it! Looking forward to seeing you all!

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