luckybug (dandelion_cloud) wrote in egl,

question about KidsYoyo's custom sizing

Hello Lolitas,

I am currently waiting for a dream dress of mine in the mail (expecting it to arrive around the end of next week):

I had it custom made to my measurements since they didn't offer pre-made sizing, and now I'm very nervous to see if it will fit. I don't like to have things custom made generally since there's so much that can possibly go wrong, but I loved the dress so much, I had to give it a try >.<

I already read all KidsYoyo's reviews I could find, but if some of you wouldn't mind to shorten the waiting time for me and tell me their experiences with KidsYoyo's custom sizing, it would be much appreciated. Maybe there's someone who already owns this dress from them and could tell me how accurate the sizing turned out for you?

Many thanks in advance :)
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