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☆Lolita in the Country☆

I haven't been wearing lolita much recently, so I've been making a conceious effort to do so! The other day I wore lolita out in the yard. Although, there's a lot of land where I live so I'm not exactly sure if you'd call it a "yard" or not! XD

I ususally wear OTT Angelic Pretty type coordinates, but this time, I tried to go for a more BtSSB look. No false lashes, no print...just good old' fashioned sweet lolita!

I hope you enjoy these pictures!~

Thye flowering trees are in bloom! It's so beautiful~

I guess I sort of went crazy editing this one, haha!

Out on the trails!

This reminds me of Kamiaze Girls, for some reason! XD

There's these weird tube things in the yard. All the dogs love to play inside of them! (We have 10 dogs!)

I almost fell! XD

Slightly more graceful? Haha!

BONUS: Poloroids
I'm making an effort to take Poloroids every time I wear lolita, so here are the Poloroids for this outfit! :3

Also, just the other day our house had a litter of puppies, and since they're cute, here's a random picture of one! (Because I am bursting with joy and must share XD)

Thank you for looking, and have a wonderful rest of your day!~ ♥

(All photos © Josh M.)

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