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Vancouver BC - ILD Meetup Plans


International Lolita day is just around the corner - and that got kurasune  and I talking about some ideas we've had since our last meetup last year (wow has it really been that long? time just flew by!).

Cost: $5 (please try to bring exact change)
Time: 1:30pm (I'll be there earlier to set up)
Location: Spanish Banks Extention (the last parking lot before you get sucked up towards UBC) I will try to have sign and balloons or some such up in case people get lost.

According to the weather report it should be sunny and 20+ degrees. Please remember to wear sunscreen if you need it and bring a water bottle

This is of course our sunny day plan. Something a little different, something a little nostalgic, and of course, something a little fun. Snacks and goodies will be provided (hence the cost). Remember those good old days of school Sports Day events? Time for Loli Olympics. Bring your camera and frills and prepare to have some fun

Wear clothing you don't mind getting a little messy in or bring your proper frills to change into after just in case (I'd rather avoid any tears if someone stains their XXX limited ed JSK or some such). I'd suggest bringing good footwear. Even if you don't intend on running you may want to take a wander down the beach. I'm personally bringing runners and flip flops along with my loli shoes.

Menfolk are of course welcome (of the non-loli variety) - there will be a BBQ on site.

Activities: so far we have as a sneak peek preview - egg and spoon race, lolita relay, mini cupcake eating contest. We'd like to do Dress the Lolita Race as well if we could get 3 volunteers to be 'dressed' (wear tank+shorts and bring blouse) - please let me know if you're willing to volunteer :) (maybe some of those who don't want to run all that much)

Activities shouldn't take too long so we'll have plenty of time for eating and photo shoots. After if there are people wanting to go out for dinner we can make arrangements :)

In attendance: (If I've doubled up on LJ/FB names here pls let me know)

Kimi +1
Callielo +1
Burina Cae
Viki +1

***Please RSVP no later than May 28th midnight. Also if you have food allergies please let me know.***

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