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Origin of brand labels' names?

I happened across the mention of the Marquis de Sade, searched him up on wikipedia, and discovered the fact that he had written a book entitled Justine and another called Juliette. As you might expect, this led me to think of the brand Juliette et Justine.
I thought this a curious bit of information, and wanted to know everyone else's thoughts on it. Do you think it just a strange coincidence? A name chosen knowingly? Unknowingly?

I find it somewhat ironic, the fact that Lolita fashion tries so hard to disassociate itself with sexual and fetish elements, yet this one brand's name bears a striking resemblance to books written by a libertine, one who reveled in blasphemy, hedonism, eroticism and whose name itself is the root of the term 'sadism'. The name of the store and the Marquis both being French also arouses some suspicion...

But I wonder, what do you think? I hope you find this relevant enough to the community... I thought it was quite an interesting possible connection.

To slide over to a more light-hearted topic, I also wonder at the origin of other brands' names..

I've read that BABY's name comes from a song by EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL of the same name and Metamorphose, a direct translation to French from Japanese of the phrase 'the time of transformation into a little girl' and h.NAOTO is a rendition of the founder's name, I think. Victorian Maiden perhaps speaks for itself.

I'm curious as to whether there are any other brands with some sort of background to their name, so please do share if you happen to know of any~

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