americajin_loli (americajin_loli) wrote in egl,

Sweet Hair and Makeup Q's??

Hey girls,
Ok, so I've been a lolita for several years, but this last spring (as in a month ago) I went through a dramatic change... I cut 32 inches of hair off! And now I'm trying to figure out how to do something with my hair, which was once down to my knees and could be curled beautifully, and is now shoulder length and straight as a pin. I was looking at this one look in particular, would anybody maybe know enough about hair to give me some tips? : 
The main problem is that I've never even TRIED teasing my hair before and I don't know if it will hold or not! And the model in the picture obviously has some clips in her hair to keep the lower and middle levels lifted, but how? I'm pretty much clueless to hair since I've cut it @.@
And on a side note, a quick makeup question: I recently bought this BRIGHT PINK (not neon, but very bright-- it's called Ambition by bareminerals, if any one knows it) lipstick that I think would look wonderful with my sweet lolita coordinations (which are mostly light sax/blue and pink), but my friend told me it looked tacky... any thoughts? Is pink ok, or should I keep it natural?
Thanks again!

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