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Kawaii Kon 2011 Lolita Fashion Show

We held a fashion show at Kawaii Kon 2011, showing designs from Gothic, classic and Sweet brands and local designers. We'd like to share a video from fashion blogger Nadine Kam. Outfit photos to come.

Link to the article

Outfit and music credits
I'm not totally sure on the names of some pieces ^^;;

Lauren Lee ki75un3
Black OP
Stripe vest and high waist skirt
Stripe Empire JSk
Music: Aerosmith - Sunshine

Jolene Sasaki cylindel
Red Ribbon JSK
Green Daisy JSK
Blue Sundress
Music: Wakeshima Kanon - Skip turn step

Perfume Bottle, Disney Cape
Strawberry JSK
Marine border
Music: Serani Poji - Shopping Mania

Alice and the Pirates
Vampire Requiem
Roll Rose Corset JSK
Beauty and the Promise of the Rose
Music: Emiliana Torrini - White Rabbit

Victorian Maiden
Rococo Bouquet Overdress
Floral Two Piece
Titania Mini OP
Music: Utada Hikaru - Stay Gold

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Royal OP
Cinderella JSK
Snow Drop JSk
Music: Everything but the Girl - Sugar Finney

Black Peace Now
Black Bow JSK
Gold floral skirt
Black long OP
Music: Kalafina - Lacrimosa

Mary Magdalene
Pink and Brown flocky JSk
Ekaterina Corduroy OP
Blue summer dress
Music: Clara C - Fool's Gold

Angelic Pretty
Milky Planet
Fantasic Dolly
Happy Garden
Music: Perfume - Nee

Atelier Pierrot
Grey Floral dress
Black Bustle
Harlequin Skirt and Bonnet
Music: IU - Cruel Fairy Tale

Innocent World
Chocolate OP
Angel cage
Classical Chair
Music: AiM - Sun Goes Down

Finale music: Rie Fu - Romatic

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