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TaobaoSpree Help!

So I've been trying to place this order for over a month now. Due to finals coming up I was a bit busy myself but all I asked for was how much a certain items cost together and the representative I'm working with refuses to tell me. Her name is Cici and she keeps asking if I would like to place the order now that she has all the information she needs, when I contacted Taobaospree in the first place to see how much I would have to pay to custom order certain items. ><

I'm really frustrated because all the items I chose they were all eligible for custom order and now Cici is telling me these skirt only comes custom in blue. >< I already had to take off several other items since they're apparently 'not in stock' but the store Dear Celine seriously JUST put them up on their site as new items for their store.

Has anyone else had to deal with this? What in the hell should I do? >_<


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