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PRINCE NOIR DESIGNS : 100+ Friends on Facebook Contest


100+ Friends on Facebook Contest

We are about to reach 100 friends on Facebook! It has only been a couple days when we started but already we have surpassed our expectations and to Thank all of you Lovely Darklings we will be holding a Contest of all Contest of Rad-tastic and Epic Proportions.
For you see my Little Leiblings we Love you.
"Best in Black"

Show one picture of your BEST Coordinate. Lolita/Gothic outfits using only the colors: 
Black,  and  with mixtures of either White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red.
Who so ever wins will receive a beautiful headdress to match the gorgeous ensemble presented to us.
The Rules go as such:
1. Only One photo is allowed, not a collection of photos in one picture.  
2. Only use the colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red
3. One entry per person
Submitting the photo:
1. Email
2. Include your Name, Email, Facebook and/or Livejournal name
(and if Neither then let us know)
3. Send the photo as an Attachment
Submit Your Photos from Now - June 1st

We will be announcing the winner on June 2nd

Good Luck my Dark Beauties


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