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Announcing the winner of March's contest: Hair Accessory!

 aonele  here stepping in to post the contest entries and winner of March's contest! Without further ado, here are the entries we received in no particular order, but with the winner and honorable mention at the bottom! These photos are REALLY big so don't blame me if your browser crash or you lag because of them! 
Also click on the photos to go to my picasa web album and enlarge the photos manually. Sorry but these photos are huge and not many sites would even host them this big X_X

by anne4215 

by anthrodraco 

by augustinie

by lolita_chic 

by sakurafairy 

by zombieplaything 

by snoos_the_moose 

by titaniafanel 

And the honorable mention goes to:

by idgal 

And now, for the winner of March's contest....*drum roll*

by whipcreambunn , who did submit a progress pic, but I didn't get the chance to combine it with her product photo. Sorry!
Congratulations! Also thanks to everyone who submitted!

Your judges,
laiferr, hanabishirecca, zitronecs, itachifangirl26, lavenderspikes
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