Michi (michi_michuu) wrote in egl,

Coordination + petti help!

 Hello! I'm planning on going to Fanime which is in nine days and my coordination is definitely under fire! I have this Baby skirt and a Meta blouse borrowed from my friend but I have no idea what else to wear it. So typically, I mean which tights or socks. I am a lot more comfortable with tights such it's much preferred. I don't exactly know what style I'm going for.... Punk? Street? Or maybe not even a lolita?! I was thinking just to mismatch a lot of patterns together but I'm not sure. So I was hoping some of you can give me some ideas :'D I haven't worn lolita in about two years so I'm hoping to go all out for this coord! Pictures of the two items are under the cut.

So far, I'm thinking maybe black/grey leopard tights, black dot tights, black/white checkered tights (which I do not have actually u___u) ahhhhhhh need help asap!  Please give me some ideas for a really mismatched punk lolita coord I suppose .-. Or anything else that comes to mind..... I also need some help with petticoat. I bought it two years ago from F+F and it's losing a lot of its poof. It really isn't giving my skirt the necessary 'cupcake' shape and it goes inwards at the bottom. Does anyone know how to fix that? It's gotten a bit bad and annoying that I might even go without petticoat because it just looks so funny under the skirt!
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