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Anime North Fashion Show

I am doing some last minute helping for the fashion show. I am looking for models as many as possible to represent all the styles mentioned below. I am not looking for a specific body type, age, race or anything like that all are welcome to participate. I do ask that you read everything below before commenting 

When? Saturday May 29th
Time? 2PM-4PM (I've talked to the organizer and she assured me we will go between 2pm-3pm so we can go to our tea party)
Meeting Place? 1:45PM @ The Lolita Swap Meet (if you are not there by this time we'll have to continue without you) please meet me here ahead of this time! At this time we'll make our way to the fashion show area.
Commitment: Models are in charge of there own hair, makeup and coordination. Models must have their hair, makeup & coordination ready prior to 1:45pm. Models need to meet me at the Terrace room before 1:45pm please come find me or wait at the door of the terrace room. I unfortunately, do not have time to contact individuals. I am going to be very strict on being punctual since I have a lot of commitment to fulfill myself
if you would like to model please read further below:
a) I am looking for models are able to meet the commitment above
b) I am looking for as many models as possible right now
c) Models can be of ANY shape, size, age, gender or race (the goal of our section is to show lolita is for everyone!!!)
d) Bodyline, homemade & offbrand are completly acceptable :)
e) if you have a friend who would like to help out they must fill out the form as well
f) I'd like it if models could bring some sort of small prop! Like in this video . It can be anything from candy to balloons to musical instrument that would go with your coordination (not obligated to do this but it would look better on the runway)
Please fill this form (all fields need to be filled out)
Style you'd like to represent:
Outfit Rundown:
*Photo of you outfit:
*Do not comment unless you have a photo (of your own) of your coordination. Pictures can be of you wearing your outfit, poupee photos, facebook, flikr  or a simple coordination of the clothing on the ground

Main Styles:

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