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Photos and video from Sakura Matsuri and Dances of Vice:Secret Garden Spring Ball events: NYC, NY

Mary Alice in Lolita Fashion
Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (BBG) Saturday, April 30–Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Saturday there was a Lolita meet up and picnic and I went back again on Sunday, since the weather was so nice.

Due to the unfortunate choice of wording by the BBG, for this event, many of the Lolitas decided to give this Promenade part of the Saturday events a miss.
"BBG Parasol Society Promenade: Tokyo goth gals, Victorian maidens, and boho Bo-Peeps stroll the grounds. Music by happyfunsmile”.
It was totally unrehearsed and random order walk and twirl of the stage and then a promenade through the garden with happyfunsimle leading the way.
Here is a video:  (I'm at the 3:35 point in the video)
And a photo of me durring the promenade 

Photos at Sakura Matsuri from pro and semi-pro photographers:

My full set of photos:

CIMG8225 CIMG8230 CIMG8216 CIMG8224
CIMG8222 CIMG8247 CIMG8260 Mary Alice in Lolita Fashion Mary Alice in Lolita Fashion Mary Alice in Lolita Fashion

Dances of Vice Secret Garden Spring Ball at Morningside Castle (100 Claremont, between W120th & 122nd, NYC, NY) Saturday, May 14, 2011
Not an organized Lolita meet up, but plenty of Lolitas in attendance.

Photos at Dances of Vice Secret Garden Spring Ball from pro and semi-pro photographers: 

And a video from Facebook

My full set of photos

Photo by  Michael Blase Photo by Gabi Porter
Photo by Steven Rosen CIMG8443
CIMG8445 CIMG8439
CIMG8479 The Secret Garden photo by Michael Blase
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