~chiiyo_rin~ (chiiyo_rin) wrote in egl,

Stock Photo Help?

Hey everyone~

i'm trying to update some journal pages, and am in need of
stock photos, names, links, extra photos, more info, etc,
it'd be great if you guys could help me out!

thanks in advance! :D

AatP Midsummer Night's Dream Ring in silver

Baby Novelty Necklace in mint

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Scrunchie in dark blue

Meta Blouse in white

AatP Queen's Coach Necklace in silver (found!)

Baby Hairties in white and offwhite

Baby Thumbelina in ivory

Baby Camisole in white

Angelic Pretty Candy Stripe Ring (found!)

MM Madeleine Chiffon Dress

Angelic Pretty Gingham Triple Tiered Skirt

VM? Skirt

VM Lace-Up Doll Dress OP

This is Garden of Roses JSK

Baby Shoes

Baby Watch
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