niji00 (niji00) wrote in egl,

Photo/Experience Request: "Travelling in Ruffles"

Hello my dear Lolitas :)

At school, we are currently having a project at media lesson around the word "Travelling". As a speacial task, we are supposed to bring ourselfes into this as well. So i decided to do something like a report about travelling while wearing lolita.
Now i need your help <3

I would love to see photos of you, wearing lolita in a different country, in front of a sight disneyland, or even in a bus or on a ship (to be precise: everything that goes with travelling). If you had any experiences on your trip, like how people treat you, what they said, or about what you liked espeacially about wearing lolita in exacly that place, i would love to hear them as well!

Furthermore i'd like to actually use some of you pictures in my work, so you have to be ok with the fact that my teacher and probably some of my classmates might see them. (I'll include your name under the photo, in case that's ok with you)

Thank you so much for you help!

(if you have anything else intresting and related to travelling you want to share, i'd  be glad as well)

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