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Loliable? I think so! My finds at regular stores.

So I've been hearing (well reading actually.) about people seeing nice loliable things in regular stores. so I thought "why not try it myself?" I went out to different little shops and found nice accessories!

Sorry for large Photos, editing keeps closing.

I got these Knock off but still cute Hello Kitty hair clips from my nearby Korean owned Hair store, the ladies and husband know me, my mom and my sister so we get to see some nice finds. I bought the pink ones yesterday but then I went back today to get the other colors. 1.99 each.

Better Pink Picture
Back of clip
The clip had too much glue on the back but I just scratched it off and the other pink one was slightly crooked but I just took the back off and reglued it with a tiny bit of hot glue.
White Clip
Blue Clip
Green Clip

From the same place as my hair clips this nice oriental style ring. 2.00. Bright spot is from lamp.
Back of Ring
Its a bit tight but its removable.

This was bought for 20.00, I consider this Gothic/Aristocrat. I had to have it even though I don't do gothic.
picture looked too big so all under links

Ring Worn
Worn Back

I got these two for free.
A nice red winter looking bag
closer look of the poms
Nice white winter looking bag
closer look of white poms
who is it by?

These two small bags were on display at B&BW for winter but since winter is over they were switching the store up. I asked nicely if they would allow me to buy or have them since they throw it away anyway and the nice older woman gave them t meo for free. So always check stores with nice displays when they're changing layout or seasons.

Next up is what I found at Goodwill. The shoes were ten dollars each but the platforms were 15.00. And the bag was 5.00.

These have a few Marks from the previous owner and I have pics but I'm too tired to post them right now. Post if you want to see and ill do it in the afternoon :) These shoes are actually made by Steve Madden so they were once worth about 130.00? Good find eh? Look him up he has nice shoes.

These are made by a company called predictions and are actually in mint condition. I reckon they were worth about forty bucks.
Front view

Now I wonder if this is Loliable. Or if I just bought it because it was cute XD. Tell me what you think.

Unamed Flower Bag

I had fun looking for stuff and I think this is a nice first post. Feel free to tell me what you think and what some of the nice things you've found!

Lots of Love!
Little B

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