Hannah (tanaie) wrote in egl,

Wearing lolita, during your...MONTHLY CURSE!

You know what I'm talk about, "That time of the month", "Rebooting the ovarian operating system", "Aunt Flow coming come to visit", your period!

NOTE: Before I get started I'd just like to remind us all that were all young woman and adults here. If you are offended, uncomfortable, or embarrassed about talking about menstruation don't feel like you have too. It's a normal course of life so I'm hopping we can discuss it in a mature manner.

If the mods feel this topic is too personal for EGL, by all means delete it.


A few months ago when I had received a new lolita dress, I was super excited to wear it to school and show it off to some of my friends. Being a College art student I'm doing very messy art projects most of the time, so I always have to plan ahead of time before I can wear Lolita out. Just as the day arrives, BOOM! I get a surprise attack from my period and alas, I couldn't wear my lovely lolita dress I had been dying to wear. 
The thought of getting blood on it, or even on my bloomers for that matter was a horrendous thought.

So it got me to thinking, how do other lolita's deal with there period while wearing lolita?

Like lifestyle lolitas?
Or lolita's who go to a meet up?

It'd be nice to share some tips or advice .

Being a heavy bleeder myself, It just really sucks. T_T; ...
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