Gabrielle Miller (okami_ko) wrote in egl,
Gabrielle Miller

Lolitable find at Marshalls for the classic lolita

Hello! I found this lovely dress at Marshalls and thought other members might be interested in it. Keep an eye out at your Marshalls or TJMaxx!

I thought that this dress was very pretty and suitable for lolita, and at only $17 you can't go wrong! It's a great find for the budget loli! The only thing I think someone might not be too keen on is the zipper - it's a bit large and shows along the back. The dress has a little bit of tulle on the inside, so it makes it a little poofy on it's own. In the photos below I didn't wear a petticoat. I don't have one that's suitable for the classic A-line shape and my puffy petticoat gave too much poof, but the dress alone still has a nice shape. The tulle does get a little scratchy though!




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