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Help with putting together a classic/country outfit?

I have just bought a skirt (( amazingly, from a normal store! )) and I think it would work wonderfully for a Classic Country outfit. I have no idea what sort of accessories would go with that though..

I'm sorry I have no pics, but the skirt is a plain white with adorable brown flowers at the bottom (( Which I might sew some pink into the centers of them to make it a bit cuter )) and it just looks very spring-y. I'm planning on buying some simple brown shoes to go with the skirt and some white knee-high socks or maybe just some white hose, and a simple white blouse to go with it.

But I'm not quite sure as to what accessories would go well. I don't think your typical country lolita straw hat would go well (( It might, but I doubt it.. )) but maybe a nice bonnet would? Not sure where I would find a classic bonnet that would also go with country.. would a headdress work? I've never seen any that would work with Classic and Country..

I think maybe something simple with white and brown in it would work. If you guys know of anything, please let me know! : )

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