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The Gothic Lolita Wigs Summer Line Sneak Peek!



Hello everyone! I have an exciting update! The photos from the Gothic Lolita Wigs Summer Collection shoot that I coordinated and modeled in have been released! Gothic Lolita Wigs have some fresh and beautiful new designs to share with us all! (When these wigs will become available in their store and the price of the wigs is not yet known.)

The amazing and wonderful Michael Kostopoulos was our photographer, and as you will see in the following shots, he did a spectacular job!

There are two main styles: a dual-toned long bob with a base color and a quarter panel of another color (i.e. not an even split wig,) and a short, monotone bob.

Also, it’s important to note that many of the single colors have different colored fibers evenly intermixed to create a unique and multi-faceted hue.

Let’s take a look of some of the more technical shots first!

Helen in the white short bob:


Brienna in the black and white dual-tone bob:


Lyz in the platinum blonde short bob:


Myself (ElleJay) in the black and cobalt dual tone:


Barbara in the red bob:


Vanessa in the milk-tea and chocolate dual-tone:


Keelin in the rust and chocolate dual tone:


Sarah Ruth in the blonde and light pink dual tone:


There are more colors and mixes shown in the following group shots, and even more colors and mixes that will be available that have not been photographed yet!



from left to right are myself, Sarah Ruth, Karen (black and hot pink dual tone), Lyz, Kara (rust monotone), Keelin, Vanessa, Crystal (blonde and medium brown dual tone), Helen and Brienna




I was so jazzed for Karen and I to semi-twin in our different versions of Twinkle Journey with wigs that matched our coordinates perfectly! I love the contrast between the two of us!



At the end of the main shoot, we showcased more of the candy-colored wigs with the sugary-sweet designs of Pink Macaroon! Even more exciting, Sarah Ruth, the designer, made the trek to model and brought a bounty of her products for us to wear!

(She also brought the Unicorn wife, Minnie, [a commission she accepted earlier] and an itty-bitty Unicorn baby for Reginald, my first PM Unicorn bag. You can find more pictures of them on my Flickr, but Minnie is the pink Unicorn bag you see and Reginald is the smaller of the purple ones =3)


There are more shots that Michael and GLW have not released yet that will be out soon!

Here is a little vlog I made of a behind-the-scenes look (AKA, with my iPhone, lol,) of our day!

Each model received a wig of her choice and a super cute gift package I made them which contained a Hello Kitty tote, brush/mirror compact, chapstick, and a non-HK but equally adorable princess wand! (Obviously, the wig was the exciting part. ;D)

There might be more shoots in the future, so keep an eye out! If you have any questions about the wigs, feel free to ask! I’ll do the best I can to answer them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the wigs and the lovely models!
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