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WGW October 2011-Mini-meet up

With the result from my last post about WGW, I've decided that a Lolita meet could be fun and bring some cuteness to the mostly dark weekend.

After some research into what is happening the October I've found that the 'official' weekend (hosted by topmum) will be on the 4th-6th November. I won't be attending this one as, personally, I think Dark Daisy has a lot more going for it this year. They've got a wide range of sellers at the market and their dates crossover with the film festival's.
So here are a few of my ideas, please comment if you like/dislike them or have better ones.
  • We have a meet-up on a Saturday lunch time and have a bite to eat then a wander round the stalls.
  • Have a poll on which films everyone wants to see and meet up for some pre-show drinks (must be 18+ for this)
  • Have Sunday tea at one of the many tea/coffee places in town
  • Or go to sexy sunday and add some much needed colour (I'll be going to this anyway)
Those are a few of my ideas which I think won't interfere with people's personal plans for the weekend. I'll be going with my partner, so that means I'll only be able to do a meet on a 'in between time'. But don't take this as a fact that I won't put effort into this. I can assure you I'm rather overly organized when it comes to stuff like this.
The dates for the WGW I'll be going to are 27th-31st October 2011. Like I said if anyone has any better ideas then please put them forward, as I know some people are more experienced with this sort of thing and Whitby is a difficult place to get a venue in during the weekends.

Thanks and hope to hear from you all with your brilliant ideas.

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