Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl,
Jackie M

GLW and styling it..

hey ^_^

so i bought my first from gothic lolita wigs. (not my first wig though)

i actually scored a special commission one because the girl who ordered it i guess didn't want it any more.

i paid. 1 day later hey shipped and i got it in about a week. they are a great company to work with! they were fast and responded fast too!

i normally order form taobao , the quality is about the same, i only buy higher quality from taobao and they are about the same as high end fake hair wigs, the cost is a bit more but  the shipping is obviously much cheaper. (im in canada btw)

quality 5/5
costumer service 5/5
shipping 5/5


now..  on to the styling. i really didn't want the pigtails, i am never a fan of them because i dont think they suit me much... so i had no worries if i messed up them lol

so i got outta the shower..

haha half wet hair.. yeah my dye split is gone, i washed it out cuz i am thinking i'ma do a light pink or lavender next..

the wig how it comes, the pig tails obviously come off, but how it's designed per-say. i'm meh on it.. lol plus i look terrible without mascara and black wig i might add LOL

pony before style..

pony after, all i did was tease and then pull apart pieces, pretty simple

main wig i clip half hair back because i look terrible with that much hair around my face.

main wig cliped back ^_^

pony clipped in LOL really poofy

then i use tiny clips and style in under into kinda a ball type shape. leave a couple loose longer ones down
lol sweet face in this one AHAHA i never know what faces to make in photos

so to compare.. mine verses original design..

second pony in and teases and pull apart LOL it looks so funny

same process, add some bows/clips and BAM!


lol both pigtails down LOL.. it actually might work on some people my head is too tiny lol

without pictails

and the reason u wait until ur hair is completely dry before clippling it up to put a wig on LOL

i'd love to see how everyone else styles their wigs! new ideas are always fun!

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