nomuzik_nolive (nomuzik_nolive) wrote in egl,

Return of the Chocolate

Hello! Just wanted to show some additions to my stock - two new Scar Heart items and some yummy and romantic stuff.
"Box 'o' Chocolate" brooches and rings. This was my first complex design about two years ago and finally I put it op for sale. At first I wanted to make a necklace, but decided that a nice brass colored ring or pin base will work better.

"Love Letter from Paris" is also one of my very first designs, but only recently I gave it a proper photo shoot and will be happy to finally add it to my stock after 1,5 years.

And an update for my "Scar Heart" series. A brooch and earrings - I've been waiting for the right hooks to arrive, so thats why I didn't have them from the beginning.

You can find a few more photos in my blog. Hope you like them and thank you for your attention!

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