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Time Change for the Anime North 2011 Swap Meet

A small update. There has been a slight time change to the Swap Meet happening at Anime North 2011. The new time slot is from 12PM-2PM. At 12PM or earlier, RSVP sellers will be let in to set up their items, these people will obviously get first glance at the items available. After those sellers will be ready we will let RSVP buyers in to come check out what we have. If we have room for more participants then they will come in as well. If not they will have to wait in line. Their is still time to RSVP here. Anyone coming to this event will be asked for their name & phone number as well as their intention (buying/selling/both)

Anime North 2011 Lolita Swap Meet
When? Sunday May 29th
Where?  Terrace Room (Double Tree)
Who? Participants are asked to RSVP. Currently we have 30 lolitas participating. Since this is an Anime North event, it is possible regular attendees of the con will come as well.
What? The Anime North 2011 Swap Meet is an event where lolitas can come to sell, buy & trade clothing. It's a great way to meet lolitas from all over, trade in your unwanted lolita items & acquire a brand new wardrobe
Participants so far: 30
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