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Care for Glitter Prints

Good day to everyone!

I received my Angelic Pretty Aqua Princess yesterday and would like to ask a few questions about it.


How do you usually take care and keep glitter prints?

I was trying it on yesterday and quite a bit of glitter fell onto my bed when I was inspecting for any damage (while admiring it).
I would like to know how to minimize the damage onto the glitter print and prevent too much glitter from falling out.
I am also not sure how I should keep it since the glitter might rub off onto neighboring dresses if I hang it in the closet.

Then, there's the issue of washing them.

How do you wash glitter prints?

The tag says it's alright to machine-wash in water around 30 degrees and to NOT dry-clean it. 
Will a lot of glitter fall out during the wash? Will it be a better to handwash it instead?
I am thinking of airing them out occasionally or investing in a good steamer since I am also not sure how to iron it.

Is it alright to iron the glitter prints? How do I take the wrinkles and creases out?

I am afraid that the iron might melt the glue that is holding the glitter on the print. Is it alright to steam them?
Or do I just put a pillowcase in between while ironing it? I have also heard of ironing the backside of the print instead.
I am just not sure if it's applicable to glitter prints.

I searched the archive and found something related but they were discussing about dry-cleaning more.
I find the answers provided insufficient although there were a few good advices.

Any advice, tips, answers will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time in reading this and have a lovely day!


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