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The following might sound annoying, but please bear with me. I post this for your own good.
If you're planning to buy from China, specially And you're looking for a purchasing agent, DO NOT USE YOYBUY.

If you happened to have purchased from taobao using YOYBUY, and it was a smooth experience, then let me tell you, you got lucky.

In the next several weeks / months, I will post my first hand experience with yoybuy, exactly telling why it's best to STAY AWAY from
them. I have emails, pictures and videos to back me up, no made up stories, all real reviews.

But just to be fair, I personally find some yoybuy purchasers pretty efficient and good-at-what-they-do, the purchasers didn't cause major problems ( some did, but most didn't ). The problems / service I'm referring to are more so towards their customer service, reliability, communication, and their system.

Let me share my most recent problem with them. This is just ONE OF MANY PROBLEMS I've had.
I will share more experience from the past in my later posts.

It all started when Yoybuy “forgot” to include 4 items in my last parcel. These 4 items was paid international shipping fees, as well as all related fees. They realize they made the mistake in “forgetting” to including it in my parcel, but unwilling to re-send these items to me on its own. They instead suggested they will include this ( send these items along) in my next parcel (when i place a new order with them in the future). They assured me, that they will not charge another international postage fee towards the weight of these 4 items, the weight of these 4 items was at 0.157KG ( 157 G).

I went with the latter option, for they were threatening me a light item might be lost if i insist to have it mailed to me. So I place a new parcel with them, I paid international postage for my newly placed items, weighted at 1.8KG, added 10% for packaging, turns out to be roughly 1.997KG. Made payment for 2KG. About a week later, the company directly deducted money from my “account” on their site, claiming it is a deduction for my package was 2.3KG, so they charged a 3KG weight.

The company did not contact me, or ask for consent before putting through the parcel at 2.3KG, they just assumed I accept to pay an extra $11.23US. After several email battles, service representative said, the items already went over 2KG prior to adding the 4 items(157G) they missed last parcel, so no refund.

Yesterday, I received the parcel. I took pictures, and recorded a video, weighting the parcel in its received condition. The video shows the parcel was un-opened, and I weighted the parcel at Canada post, weight showing it is at 2.151KG (the 4 items weight 0.157KG) . Emailed YOYBUY representatives right away with picture and video evidence, they did not show any intention in refunding the excess shipping ($11.23US) and gave an unhelpful reply, saying “it was 2.3KG, you should trust us”.

I have all email evidence for their written confirmation that they will not charge another international shipping fee towards the weight of these 4 items, email evidence that they are suggesting in between the lines that I might lost the item during transit if i chose not to send these items when i place my ext purchase with them, picture evidence showing the parcel and the weight, as well as a video evidence showing 360 degrees that the parcel was unopened and the weight it comes out to be 2.151kg.

I have all email, pictures and video evidence.
Yoybuy IS a SCAM. Perhaps not the type to take your money and run, they’re more interested to slowly suck money out of you here and there. Blaming and pushing the issue onto other things, or underhanded, in a way they make it seem like it is a “language barrier” so they make you repeat urself several times ( and slowly getting more frustrated ) before actually getting your questions answered.

You guys might wonder, why I am still with them despite reporting bad experiences in the past,
honestly, it's because I haven't had the time to research for another good candidate as my agent.


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