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Warning! Please Use Caution When Ordering From Amphigory.Com! Credit Card Theft Suspicion!


****EDIT 3: THIS POST IS JUST WHAT IT SAYS: A WARNING. You can choose to believe me in saying that this MAY have occured by me using this website, or you can be skeptical. I don't really care. I just wanted to put the word out there until Amphigory got an e-mail stating that they may be unsecure to HELP PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE. I was doing this to be NICE. I stated numerous times that it may NOT have been Amphigory the company's fault for this happening. I am not accusing them of anything except being rude to me in one e-mail that I unfortunately have deleted. I wish I had it still though, because people don't BELIEVE me that they were rude (?). I wouldn't lie about something like that, especially when I'm just trying to look out for others.
I has come to my attention that there are multiple scenarious that may have occured, and I thank people for their input on that. However I really don't believe it was my computer's security that was the issue, but of course I won't rule that out completely. Other scenarios seem more practicle in my eyes, and I will definitely consider those more seriously. Who knows, it may have had nothing to do with them at all, but I just wanted to get the word out there.

I apologize if I've upset anyone with this warning. I won't do it again if people would rather not hear it.

All I know is I'm 16, and I feel positively awful that my mother's Credit Card was used because of me. I want to get to the bottom of this, for her sake.

Anyways, the initial post:

So, I've never ONCE used my mother's credit card number online, other than with Paypal. We all know that Paypal is extremely secure.

I needed a wig for my Chibiusa cosplay, and the only one usable was Innocent from The owner of the website doesn't use Paypal to complete transactions, for whatever reason. The website is NON-SECURE, which made my mother very nervous. However I know many people that have ordered from them before, so she allowed me to insert her Credit Card number online.

The website claims 2 days for shipping. After you have completed your order, a new thing pops up asking to allow up to 15 business days for shipping. This did not make me happy, seeing as I needed the wig by a certain date. I was anxious it wouldn't arrive on time, so I sent her a nice e-mail asking about the shipping policy. Her reply was extremely hostile and rude. I replied to her, still trying to be polite, but she made it difficult. She did not reply again.

Today, my mother got a call from the Credit Card company asking her if she made a few unusual purchases; an expensive hotel room, a $4 bead, and a few other miscellaneous things. My mother NEVER uses her Credit Card in public, she only uses her Debit Card (to serve as cash). This is due to interest she doesn't want to pay. Not to mention she wouldn't be buying a hotel room through travelocity, or be stupid enough to charge something that was $4.

She got the card frozen immediately. Luckily.

I have reason to believe either someone hacked into the non-secure site and stole the number, or THE OWNER OF THE SITE stole the number and used it.

I am putting this out there as a warning to all people that buy wigs, hair extensions, hair dye, whatever. I am not accusing anyone, but it is certainly suspicious that this occured. Especially considering this is the first time I've ever used a credit card for anything EVER online, besides on Paypal. There is no way this happened through any other site/place.

Please use caution when ordering from! If you do place an order, please pay close attention to your credit card statements! I do not want to see this happen to anyone else! :( It is very scary!

**EDIT: I have now sent a very friendly e-mail to Amphigory suggesting that they perhaps either use Paypal as a payment option, or they put efforts forward to make their site more secure. I will include the screen shot of this e-mail if requested. Because people are not believing me that they were hostile, and unfortunately those e-mails where deleted. However, I will show the rest of the e-mails I recieve from here on out to see if their rude behavior continues, despite my polite demeanor. ^^;

***Edit 2: Here is the screen cap of my first e-mail, as requested via PM:
(sorry it's kind of small! >.>)

Also, I posted a warning on, seeing as a lot of people use their site for buying cosplay wigs. I pretty much copied and pasted this post, and was sure to continue to emphasize I'm not blaming the owners of Amphigory, but just perhaps the site itself. And these are the two replies I've gotten so far. The second is concerning, though it may just be a coincidence:

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