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How to Reserve from BtSSB & AatP

With the new releases, small changes to the reservation system and an increased influx of questions lately, I decided to make an updated guide for reserving items from BtSSB/AatP, complete with step-by-step instructions and visuals through the entire process, since the one on their website only gives so much info and is restrictive to one page.



Every now and then, a brand will release a print or some other item that a Lolita may fall in love with. Yet, since not all of us can speak Japanese, navigating the different websites and making reservations for yet-to-be-released items can seem intimidating.

Personally, I fell utterly in love with the Fairy Night Fantasia salopette when I first saw it on the AatP website and decided it was something I needed in my life…

Now! To the ordering process!

1. Pay attention to the release date and time.

Just because the items are under the reserve category does not mean they’re available to reserve. BtSSB usually provides a one-two week period for new items before reserves are allowed to be made. You will be able to access the item page and click on the reserve button but it will simply take you to a default screen that says the item is not available…

So, when the reserve opens....

2. Selecting your color and size.

There are two options for colors in the drop down screen; one listed in Japanese and the second listed in English. It doesn’t matter which you select. The English is there so if you don’t speak Japanese, you won’t be mistaken.

However, as a reference for the most common colors:
(オフ)白: (Off) White
クリーム: Cream
黒: Black
ピンク: Pink
エンジ: Red
紺/ネイビー: Navy

If you’re ordering shoes, and items like vests or pants, don’t forget to make your size selection as well…


3. Press the Reserve button~

You’ll be taken to the next screen. It’ll list the items you’ve reserved and placed in your cart. You can go back and add on other items in the same series. However, BtSSB doesn’t accept regular orders in the same process as reservations. They also may not ship out reservations together if they are from two different series.

In mine, I have the salopette and matching socks...

You’ll be given two options for ID selection. The second is if you have an ID/account with the BtSSB website, so you should probably select the first. And then press the enter button...

4. You’ll be taken to the customer information input page.

The first two options are both for your name. Enter your full name, first and surname in both. The second one is meant for katakana, however if you do not know katakana, your native language will be sufficient.

The biggest issue people have is with entering their phone number.
You should include your country code and area code in the first slot (no hyphens or spaces) and then the subsequent series afterwards, as you would do in any other form.

5. Underneath this section is the shipping information. Simply press the button I’ve indicated in the picture. It will fill out the form for you, with the information you provided above.

6. The next section is just a comment box. I’ve never found it necessary to leave a comment, so I usually just leave it blank.


The little box asks you to create a password. This is optional, if you want an ID with the site for future orders.
You can leave the box unchecked and press the enter button to progress to the next page.

If this notice pops up, there is a problem with your phone number. Go back and check the format. This is the most common issue.

8. Next, you will be taken to a confirmation page. It will list your items and the prices. This is your last chance to make sure everything is correct.

9. Below, that, check the box to acknowledge you are finalizing the order. BtSSB does not allow reserves to be cancelled… Doing so may put you in danger of being blacklisted.
(I blacked out my personal info)

10. Once you finalize the order, you’ll be taken to their end screen.

11. You should receive a confirmation fairly quickly from their automated server to your email, if your order is accepted.

Within a week, Baby will send you the pricing for your items, including shipping and their paypal.
BtSSB’s shipping is usually 3000 Yen. You have a week to pay for the items from that point.

Once your reserve item is in stock, BtSSB will send you a final email with the shipping information and an EMS tracking code! Now all you have to do is wait!


~Good luck, enjoy your new items and if you have any more questions, I will be happy to answer them!

I have the Gather Chiffon Frill JSK from AatP in the mail right now, so I shall be doing a complete review of their services on my blog when it arrives.

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