Tamara Pixie Wilton (pixieprecious) wrote in egl,
Tamara Pixie Wilton

Review of a Commission done by ki75un3

Ok so I commissioned two OP's, a skirt and two petticoats from ki75un3 (find her Here), I decided to do a review on everything so you could all see how good she is :D


Octoberber 2010 - Contacted ki75un3 and advised her what I was looking at getting commissioned. Got prices and we both started looking for fabric.

November 2010 - Contacted ki75un3 again and advised I had found some amazing Care Bear faric, ki75un3 advised it was to little for the OPs I was wanting so I got a skirt and paid upfront for the material.

December 2010 - Contacted by ki75un3 she had found some fabric for the two OPs I had wanted, they were perfect, paid for the materials and also inquired if I could get two petticoates made,one cupcake and one aline. ki75un3 advised she could do this. Provided measurements and started on patterns and showed me what the skirt looked like finished.

January 2011 - ki75un3 showed me pictures of the first OP finished and advised she would be finished with the other soon. I had also paid part of the commissions off, but advised the next payment would be a bit delayed due to personal reasons.

February 2011 - Got finished pictures of the second OP and it looked amazing. I paid another bit, but advised I may be a bit later with another payment due to work underpaying me. We then came to an agreement for a payment arrangement of the left over amount owed.

March 2011 - I paid more of the amount owed and advised due to having to get a knee reconstruction I could not pay for a long while, but I would have it paid off before it was due.

April (end) 2011 - Paid amount owed in full.

May 2011 - I was sent a tracking number from and received the package in a week.

Postage - It was sent in a nice big box that was not damaged :D and then each piece was in its own plastic bag.

Postage Time - 5/5

The Petticoates (pink is A-line and blue/sax is cupcake)

quality - 5/5

Care Bear Skirt with detachable waist ties

Waist Ties

Lining and bow I got with the skirt


Worn Picture (excuse the singlet, I didn't have a blouse close by and wanted to get a picture) I am also wearing the blue petticoat under

Quality - 5/5

Milky Planet Styled OP with two matching bows and detachable waist ties

Close up of the top section

waist ties and bows

Shirring in the back

Scallops at the bottom

Lining and lace

Worn Picture (with both petticoats)

Quality: 5/5

Wonder Cookie Styled OP

OP with apron off and to the side


bows on the end of the waist ties

And two worn pics, one with the apron one without

Quality - 5/5

Overall Experience - 5/5 - It was extremely pleasant dealing with and I plan on commissioning from her again. The communication was always pleasant and was always very understanding. There were also no problems I could see and there were no loose strands with great sewing from what I can see (I'm not a professional seamstress so this is just my opinion).
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